Nutrition & Disease Management

This section brings you information on nutritional care and disease with focus on enteral and parenteral nutrition, and nutrition support for a wide range of conditions such as infectious disease, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal diseases, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. It also includes the impact of nutrition on aging and frailty, critical care support post-surgery and oncology care.

Elite Peds GI Congess
The 15th International Conference of Jordan Pediatric Society
35th International Congress of The Egyptian Society for Neonatal and Preterm Care (ESNPC)
IPOKRaTES Foundation International Clinical Seminar

IPOKRaTES program

The 1st Arab Neonatal Congress
The 1st Arab Neonatal Congress

Infantile Colic Updated Dr. Gamal Samy Professor of Pediatrics and Neonatology…

Gary Wu
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Gut-bacteria Interaction - a Metabolic Symbiosis
Gary Wu
Tawam International Pediatrics
Tawam International Pediatrics

Prominent speakers from Johns Hopkins Medicine USA, Europe, and the Middle East, along with a number of specialists from…