Addressing malnutrition in all its forms represents an integrated agenda focusing on the root causes of malnutrition at all stages of the life course. In this section you will find material on the full range of malnutrition topics including childhood and elderly malnutrition, stunting, wasting, underweight, dysphagia as well as assessment and screening tools like the Mini Nutritional Assessment (MNA®).

AAP National Conference & Exhibition

AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) National Conference & Exhibition San Francisco is a 4 day event being held from…

2 topics
Protein in Infant Feeding - The Process of Understanding

This issue of the Nest focuses on breast milk properties and benefits. Sagar Thakkar, Peter Erdmann and Frédéric…

1 min read S.K Thakkar, P. Erdmann, F. Destaillats,
4 topics
Nutrition in Infancy and Childhood: What Is New?

This issue of the Nest looks into 3 very diffent important topics into Nutrition in Infancy. First Flavia Indrio looks…

1 min read F. Indrio, C. Loret, B. Le Révérend,
4 topics
Science Based Evidence on Allergy Prevention in Infancy and Childhood

This issue of the The Nest 36 looks at the Science based evidence on allergy prevention in infancy and childhood through…

1 min read S. Koletzko, D. Palmer, J. Spieldenner
3 topics
Health Economics and Nutrition: Atopic Dermatitis

The last few decades have witnessed a considerable increase in atopic diseases, including asthma, allergic rhinitis and…

2 min read Jörg Spieldenner, Lausanne Sibylle Koletzko, Munich
4 topics
Feeding Disorders in Infants and Children

There is a wide spectrum of feeding disorders that vary in origin from organic to functional or a mix of both. In C. Lau…

1 min read Carlos Lifschitz, Buenos Aires
5 topics
Health Economics and Nutrition: Over- and Under- nutrition

In this issue, the proceedings of a meeting on global nutritional problems are presented. They deal with several…

3 min read J. C. Seidell, J. Spieldenner
3 topics
Childrens’ Nutritional Needs and Realities in an Emerging World

Children in developing countries are faced with many nutritional challenges. On the one hand, food security is under…

1 min read E. Nel
7 topics
1st NNI ME Symposium - Nutritional Modulation of Infant Immune System
0 min read Dr. A.Rahmani, Dr. F.Haschke, Dr. E.E.Zieglar,