Nutrition & Disease Management

This section brings you information on nutritional care and disease with focus on enteral and parenteral nutrition, and nutrition support for a wide range of conditions such as infectious disease, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal diseases, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. It also includes the impact of nutrition on aging and frailty, critical care support post-surgery and oncology care.

3rd Nutrition Growth
3rd International Conferences on Nutrition & Growth

The 3rd International Conference on Nutrition and Growth (N&G 2016) will provide a unique platform for discussing the…

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Host Microbe Interactions source of Novel Tools to reduce the risk of Non-communicable Disease
Prof. Erika Isolauri 46 min watch
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The Role of DHA In the First 1,000 Days

Omega-3 (n-3) long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPUFAs), including eicosahexaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic…

1 min read M. Makrides, J. Bhatia
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Gluten - Friend or Enemy?

The global food supply depends heavily on the availability of cereal-based food products, with wheat being one of the…

94 min read R. Shamir, H. Szajewska
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The Nest 40: Human Milk Oligosaccharides

his issue of the Nest discusses an important topic of Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMO) and its role in infant nutrition…

16 min read C. Kunz, N. Sprenger, S.M. Donovan
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Meeting the iron needs of young children

Iron is hard to metabolize due to its poor solubility. It can have adverse health effects unless its levels in the body…

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Influencing flavour perception and preference in infants for long-term health

We are witnessing a worldwide epidemic of obesity in children, adolescents, and adults. While obesity is multifactorial…

AAP National Conference & Exhibition

AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) National Conference & Exhibition San Francisco is a 4 day event being held from…

Prof. Joseph Haddad
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Iron and Cognition - Prof. Joseph Haddad
Prof. Joseph Haddad 24 min watch