Nutrition, Health and Wellness

In this section you will find extensive research on the therapeutic role of diet, including resources for dietary guidelines and nutrition screening & assessment. We also cover requirements and recommendations for food safety, healthy eating, nutrients and hydration.

Dr. Graeme Cordington
1 topic
The Future of Medical Landscape Delivering Lifelong Health
Dr. Graeme Cordington, Dr. Natalia Wagemans 60 min watch
Prof. Sibylle Koletzko
2 topics
Virtual Nutrition Forum 2020
Prof. Sibylle Koletzko, Prof. Carlos Lifschitz, Prof. Yvan Vandenplas, 180 min watch
Prof. Hania Szajewska
2 topics
Approaches to Prevent Infections in Toddlers and Young Children
Prof. Hania Szajewska 60 min watch
Prof. Flavia Indrio
1 topic
Probiotics and Their Role in Infant Immunity
Prof. Flavia Indrio 50 min watch
Prof. Flavia Indrio
1 topic
Shaping the Immunity with Probiotics
Prof. Flavia Indrio 60 min watch
Prof. Yvan Vandenplas
1 topic
Setting The Nutritional Foundation for Superior Immunity
Prof. Yvan Vandenplas 50 min watch
1 topic
The Nest 41: Gestational Diabetes: a Window of Opportunity to Modify Long-Term Health Risks

This issue of The Nest looks into the importance of managing Gestational Diabetes Mellitus during pregnancy and its…

22 min read M. Godfrey, R. Zamora Escudero, C. Ortega González,
2 topics
What Diet Can and Cannot Do

In this issue, we address four crucial topics related to the therapeutic role of the diet.First, Drs. Chumpitazi and…

106 min read C. Lifschitz
2 topics
Meeting the iron needs of young children

Iron is hard to metabolize due to its poor solubility. It can have adverse health effects unless its levels in the body…