Gut Microbiota

Microbiota is the good (and bad bacteria) in your gut. Every human being carries about 1-2kg of gut microbiota representing a number of cells far bigger than all our body cells together. Here we provide the latest science on the relation between nutrition, gut microbiome, immune system and human health.

Future Concerns of Pediatrics Conference
Iraqi Kurdistan Pediatric Society
The First Scientific Conference of Iraqi Kurdistan Pediatric Society
Jordan Pediatric Society
The 14th International Conference of Jordan Pediatric Society (JPS)
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Nutrient Intake of Infants and Toddlers in the UAE - The UAE FITS Study

The 27th Congress of the International Paediatric Association, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIAThe first 2 years of life are…

2 min read
Union of Arab Pediatric Societies
19th Congress Union of Arab Pediatric Societies

Early Life Microbial Colonization as a Determinant Factor for Health During Infancy and Childhood Jalil Benyacoub, PhD…

The Elite Pediatric GI-SKMC Conference
The Elite Pediatric GI-SKMC Conference

Gut Microflora and its Impact on Health and DiseaseProf. Carlos Lifschitz   Consultant, Pediatric Gastroenterology…

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Bifidobacterium Lactis Impact on Fecal Microbiota in Vaginally Delivered Infants Against Caesarean
0 min read Tetty Y., Fiva K., Hadyana S.,
The 10th  Congress of Lebanese Pediatric Society
The 10th Congress of Lebanese Pediatric Society

Healthy Start - The First 1000 days Professor Bernard Gerbaka,Chief of Pediatrics at Hôtel-Dieu de France The First…

2nd Arab Neonatal Congress
2nd Arab Neonatal Congress

Nutritional Modulation of Infants' Immune System Dr. Ahmed El BeleidyGestational age, type of delivery and type of…