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Prof. Flavia Indrio
1 topic
Shaping the Immunity with Probiotics
Prof. Flavia Indrio 60 min watch
Prof. Yvan Vandenplas
1 topic
Setting The Nutritional Foundation for Superior Immunity
Prof. Yvan Vandenplas 50 min watch
1 topic
Human Milk Oligosaccharides Immunity and Clinical Practice
Dr. Eslam ElBaroudy 52 min watch
1 topic
Human Milk Oligosaccharides Updates and Clinical Practice
Dr. Fawaz Al Refaee 24 min watch
Prof. Sharon Donovan
1 topic
Next Generation Benefits of Human Milk Oligosaccharides
Prof. Sharon Donovan 49 min watch
Dr. Norbert Sprenger
1 topic
Safety and Clinical Evidence of HMO Added to Infant Formula
Dr. Norbert Sprenger 28 min watch
Dr. Norbert Sprenger HMO
1 topic
HMO : What are they? Why are they interesting?
Dr. Norbert Sprenger 31 min watch
Prof. Sharon Donovan HMO
1 topic
Human Milk & health benefits of breastfeeding
Prof. Sharon Donovan 51 min watch
2 topics
Host Microbe Interactions source of Novel Tools to reduce the risk of Non-communicable Disease
Prof. Erika Isolauri 46 min watch