Recent Research in Nutrition & Growth

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Topic(s): Growth & Development Nutrition Health & Wellness
Michelle Lampl
Ernst B Hunziker
Marta Fiorotto
Peter Arner
Thomas Clemens
Kim Michaelsen
Berthold Koletzko
Veit Grote
Robert Black
Susan Carlson
John Colombo
Sean Deoni
Peter Willatts
Maureen Black
Zulfiqar Bhutta

89th Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop Program "Recent Research in Nutrition and Growth".

Our goal is to contribute to the advancement of the medical community to show our commitment to supporting medical education initiatives in infant nutrition. This educational forum will feature key clinical topics presented by a group of renowned international experts. The presentations will focus on updated topics, including Complementary Feeding and Infant Growth, Dietary Modulation of Growth and Body Composition & Nutrition, Brain Function and Cognitive Development.