Nutrition conferences

On this page you can keep abreast of upcoming conferences in the field of health and nutrition. You can find information on scientific symposia – including many organized and sponsored by the Nestlé Nutrition Institute.

After the event you will be able to find recorded video presentations for you to watch at a time convenient for you.

Incidence of Feeding Intolerance and Necrotizing Enter Colitis in Preterm Growth-Restricted Neonates with Abnormal Antenatal Doppler Studies

Antenatal ultrasound with Doppler assessment of fetal blood flow velocities has made it possible to detect a population…

AAP National Conference & Exhibition

AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) National Conference & Exhibition San Francisco is a 4 day event being held from…

4th International Arab Neonatal Congress

The meeting is an international hub for doctors, researchers, nurses and all health care professionals in neonatology…

Elite Peds GI Congess
The 15th International Conference of Jordan Pediatric Society
15th Annual International Saudi Neonatology Society Conference and Exhibition
Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition “EPGN” “Gastroenterology for General Pediatricians"

The main theme of the EPGN congress will be ‘Gastroenterology for General Pediatricians’. So international and national…

35th International Congress of The Egyptian Society for Neonatal and Preterm Care (ESNPC)
33th International Congress of the Egyptian Society for Neonatal and Preterm Care